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Cadeau de rentrée

S.Bundita nous fait l'amitié d'un court extrait en langue originale. Merci à lui.

This is a brief extract of my first novel, wich should be translated in french, maybe in the upcoming months.

"I remember men who discussed in the kitchen with my mother, when we were supposed to sleep, my sister and I, in our room covered with pictures of Brezhnev.

Today in the English pub in north London, I have liberty to consider how our childhood was happy. Every morning, our grandfather passed kissing and drop pretzels, cheese, and sausages for our return from school. He asked us, after removing his glasses if we had slept well. We oftenly did not answer. "The night was good, guy?" Then he was waiting for us outside on a wall, feet soaking in the Dniester, to accompany us to the place dedicated to education of young pioneers.

We took the road, surrounded by vineyards, smiling at him. And his gracious presence dissipated contingencies."

Spiridon Bundita Touloupe, 2004


Je m'attelle à la traduction de cet écrivain. Des sueurs froides, un vrai plaisir à débuter comme traducteur.

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